Solid Advice


Such a small word, huge responsibility. It is so easy to be all over the place.

Here are my top 5 tips to stay focused when working on a project.

  1. Know what needs to be done. Don’t spend time wondering what you need to do, keep an ongoing to-do list handy. After every meeting, there are always to-do’s. Write them down. Bonus write a due date next to the task to add some urgency.
  2. Prioritize your day. If your office is busy first thing in the morning, use that time to clean or organize. If lunchtime in your office is like a social hour, master your to-do list first thing in the morning.
  3. Use a project management tool. Don’t freak out. You can use a calendar. Set aside time to complete tasks. This is a great time management tool as well. Sometimes we misjudge the amount of time it will take to complete a task. Using a calendar will help.
  4. Accountability. Find a coworker that will hold you accountable. If you work solo, reward yourself based on completion. I use Microsoft project to manage almost all of my projects. Each morning I spend about 30 minutes making sure I update it. I won’t get coffee until I have completed this task. I love my coffee, so this is a huge motivator for me.
  5. Step Away. Our brain can only handle about 45 minutes or so on a task at a time. After that, we start to wander into la la land. You all of a sudden remember that you need to respond to that Facebook post from yesterday. Step Away! Give your brain and body a break! Clear your mind and then come back fresh.

BONUS TIP! Don’t multitask! Start and finish one task at a time. If the task will take more than 45 minutes, break it up into smaller tasks. If you are getting ready for an event, you might list “finish swag bags” as a task. If you have 100 bags to do, you might want to break that up. This task might include confirming you have all swag for bags. Do you have to pick it up, do you have to put any items


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