Speaking Engagements

Speaking about the issues that matter most to me is one of my deepest passions.  Having the opportunity to share with others provides its own reward.

Below are some of the many reasons my presentations are most appropriate for your event.

Engaging Presentation Style
The right style can make a talk that could have been boring come out interesting and engaging – even funny. Presentation style includes vocal tone, body language, facial expression, and timing.

Assessing the Needs of the Audience
Some audiences want a lot of technical detail; others don’t. Some enjoy humor; others won’t. There are jokes that work in some crowds but not others. To draft a successful talk and to adopt the appropriate presentation style, I am able to assess the needs of your audience.

PowerPoint Skills
Not all public speakers use slides, but slides are so common that doing without them is sometimes called “speaking naked.”  I have the artistic ability to create slides that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand I also know how to integrate your slides smoothly into the other aspects of multiple presentations.

Presentation Skills List

  • Organizing a logical flow to a speech
  • Preparing examples that are relevant to the experience of the expected audience
  • Providing compelling evidence to support themes
  • Reviewing feedback and modifying the approach for talks in the future
  • Timing the speech in advance to make sure it meets the allotted time
  • Using humor to enliven a talk
  • Using your specific industry terminology
  • Branding for your organization


Familiar Presentation Topic List

  • Healthcare Disparities
  • Health Disparities
  • Integrated Care
  • Public Health
  • Population Health
  • Strategic Health Planning
  • Multi-sector Health Data Sharing


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