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I first met Antonisha Bennet, or Nisi as I know her, in my role as Director of Business Development, when we collaborated on a grant project with The Center for Healthcare Services.  In February 2017, in her role as Special Initiatives Account Manager, she took over for another person who had changed jobs around one year, into a two year grant project.

As a part of our Data Across Sectors of Health (DASH) project, Nisi and I worked to build a community collaboration around improving care for high utilizers of behavioral health services in San Antonio, Texas.  In addition to building the infrastructure to share relevant health information between providers, we worked to build strong relationships within the Community Medical Director’s Round Table, which consisted of physicians, staff and administrators from every area hospital and many ambulatory services, in addition to police, fire and EMS.  I was impressed by Nisi’s, ability to quickly bring herself up to speed on this project, as well as how masterfully she made it her own. She managed a wide variety of participants, by email, phone and monthly meetings to complete all grant requirements and maximize our potential for successful outcomes. She was always more prepared than everyone else in the room.  She clearly spelled out each person’s tasks to be completed, as well as holding us all accountable for completing these tasks.

Although worth noting, Nisi’s organizational skills are still not the most impressive characteristic that made working with her so enjoyable.  During the time we worked together, I came to know her on a personal level and continue to be impressed with her drive and determination. She sees no hurdle too large to overcome and seems to always be on the lookout for new opportunities to serve her community.  She is an excellent networker and on more than one occasion, she has even passed along opportunities that she thought were right for me. She is passionate about the work she does, she cares deeply about people and has a unique perspective on life that often inspires me to work harder and be kinder.   She is one of the most genuine people I know and makes me laugh almost every time I see her. There is no higher compliment, from my perspective.


Kimberly Harris, Director of Business Development


More Prepared Than Everyone Else in the Room

Nisi demonstrates a sincere interest in assisting others who are looking to maximize their personal and professional potential.

She possesses the necessary interpersonal skills to turn visions into actual action plans by recognizing the needs of others and offer practical solutions to identified and potential barriers using creative and innovative methods.


Anna Rivera, LPC

Sincere Interest

It was a pleasure working with Nisi and her team. I had big goals for 2017 and with her Annual Strategic Blueprint and a few accountability sessions, we stayed on track and exceeded all of our initial goals two months ahead of schedule.

Akisha Dare-CEO of Happily Before and After


So Simple Yet So Detailed